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HubBox adds 2,000 Collect Points in the UK

HubBox, which runs a network of shops that operate as parcel collection points across the United Kingdom, will add 2,000 extra click & collect locations across the country. The expansion of its Collect Points network follows after forming a partnership with payment provider Epay.


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Currently, HubBox has about 4,500 so-called Collect Points across the United Kingdom, thanks to several partnerships with shops, chains and large enterprises. It has partnered with Payzone, EPay, ExtraCare and MW Phillips to turn their shops into HubBox Collect Points, where online consumers can pick up their online orders.

800 extra locations in London alone

Now, by partnering with payment provider EPay, 800 locations will be added in London alone and another 1,200 will be added across the country by the end of this year. Merchants that have partnered won’t need any scanners or additional hardware to use the service. The technology is courier neutral and compatabile with all ecommerce platforms.

‘Huge appetite from young brands’

Over 150 retailers, like Boohoo, Whistles and TM Lewin, already use the services of HubBox. “We’re seeing a huge appetite for the service, particularly from young challenger brands who are catering to a millennial audience”, CEO Sam Jarvis explains to Edelivery. “These retailers really understand how much their customers value flexibility and control when it comes to delivery. We hope that the additional locations will deliver this value to even more UK shoppers.”

Richard Robertson, managing director of Epay UK, is excited to be adding HubBob to their growing list of services they provide. He says their merchants are already seeing the benefits of offering click & collect at their locations. “They get a boost in footfall and attract new local customers.”