Hyundai lets UK customers buy a car online

Hyundai lets UK customers buy a car online

Car manufacturer Hyundai has launched it’s so-called ‘click to buy’ website, which lets customers buy a new car from their computer or smartphone. According to the press release, it’s the first time a car manufacturer offers its customers nationwide the opportunity to buy a car completely online.

Hyundai launched the new website for its UK customers, giving them the country’s first end-to-end online car buying opportunity. On the mobile-friendly website, customers can get a trade-in price for their old car, configure their new car, arrange finance and pay a deposit. When the purchase is completed, the customer can make an appointment to take their old car to their dealer and pick up their new car. Or, if they pay with cash, the customers can have the new car delivered to their homes.

Buying a car without any hassle

“After the successful experience with our digital retail stores, ‘Click to Buy’ moves the needle even further towards the customer by taking the hassle out of buying a car”, Rebecca Hurrell, Retail Development Manager at Hyundai, said.


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