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Irish ecommerce association eCAI joins EMOTA

The Irish ecommerce association eCAI has joined EMOTA, the European association for multi-channel and online retailers. According to Maurits Bruggink, secretary general of EMOTA, the eCAI membership comes at a pivotal time for Irish businesses. “Especially in light of the UK referendum result and pending Brexit negotiations.”


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Bruggink also added that the decision of eCAI to join EMOTA “highlights the strengths and importance of EMOTA as the voice of ecommerce in Europe”. The association is similar to Ecommerce Europe: they both represent online retailers and online retail associations throughout Europe.

Niall Bodkin, managing director of Shopism and co-founder of the Irish ecommerce association, thinks by joining EMOTA, the ecommerce industry in Ireland can be guided in the wake of economic uncertainty, while protecting the interests and needs of the association’s members.

About eCAI

The eCommerce Association of Ireland, also known as eCAI, was founded in 2015 with the purpose of setting standards in the Irish ecommerce industry. It encourages good practice, provides information and promotes the use of ecommerce in Ireland.