Large marketplaces often more expensive

Large marketplaces often more expensive

Many online shoppers buy on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. German price comparison platform Idealo conducted an analysis. The result: about 80 percent of the cases, other online shops offer better prices than leading marketplaces.

In this analysis Idealo examined how often Amazon, Ebay, Otto and Kaufland offered the lowest price on their platform. In total, Idealo analysed over 1,700 product categories from May 2022 up to May 2023. Only 22 percent of the best price came from those large marketplaces, while 78 percent came from other online shops.

Price differences overall rather marginal

In ‘Fashion & Accessories’, the lowest price was found in 44 percent of the cases at the marketplaces. Amazon, Ebay, Otto and Kaufland are also stronger than everage when it comes to the lowest price in ‘Cars & Motorcycles’. They represent about a third of the best prices. The other online shops are ahead in every sector, but most clearly in ‘Drugstore & Health’. In 88 percent of the cases they offered the best price.

Marketplace often more expensive

Small differences accross all product groups

For products for which a marketplace and another online shop offered the best price, Idealo determined the average price difference between the two offers. Overall, the price comparison platform cannot identify a clear trend here. Across all product groups, the price difference was only one percent.

Trends emerge in individual categories.

In individual categories, trends do emerge. Electrial goods cost an average of 7 percent less on Amazon, Ebay, Otto or Kaufland. On the other hand: products in the drugstore sector are 13 percent more expensive on the leading marketplaces in Germany.

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