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Lengow publishes white paper on Google Shopping

Lengow publishes white paper on Google Shopping

Lengow, a European feed management tool, has written a free white paper about how Google Shopping can be mastered to increase sales. The company’s first English-written white paper contains tips, market data, as well as expert advice, and frequently asked questions.

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Lengow says, given the huge number of ecommerce stores available in the United Kingdom, one of the main daily challenges for online retailers is to gain visibility and expand one’s online presence through external channels, such as Google Shopping. “Through placing ads directly on search result pages associated with the product, Google Shopping has become a leading source of qualified traffic for online retailers”, the company states. But Google has changed its shopping site drastically over the years, so nowadays an online retailer needs to have more technical knowledge in order to use this marketing channel efficiently.

Essential channel all around Europe
It could be difficult to just start with Google Shopping. You need to have some expertise, particularly with developing a strategy that’s consistent with the price and positioning of each product. Jérémie Perio, co-founder of Lengow: “Google Shopping is not only an essential channel in the UK, but all around Europe, especially in Scandinavia where there are far less alternative distribution channels. Many merchants also use Google Shopping to enter international markets. In the white paper, we share our knowledge of Google Shopping, who we have been working with since 2010.”

Google Shopping

We’ve taken a look at the white paper and it’s indeed a very handy guide for online retailers and ecommerce companies looking to get their products on Google Shopping. In 81 pages you’ll learn everything there is to know about the service that once was known as Froogle, Google Products and Google Product Search.

It tells you all about how Google Shopping changed from the shopping section of its search engine into a profit generating service. It also teaches you about the ins and outs of the Google Merchant Center, via which online retailers must communicate the nature of their product catalog in order to start selling on Google Shopping.

In the white paper Lengow will explain step by step how you can get your products into Google Shopping, how to format the feed, how to migrate from PLA to Google Shopping and what the 11 basic attributes are that are required for your product feed.

Download free Google Shopping white paper
You can download the Google Shopping white paper for free using this link.