Lidl will also sell food online in Germany

Lidl will also sell food online in Germany

German supermarket Lidl will start selling food online. The discount supermarket chain will start with a local experiment in Berlin this December. With Lidl selling foods and drinks online, its parent company Schwarz Gruppe is really pushing towards ecommerce. Another subsidiary, supermarket Kaufland, has started selling online recently.

Supermarket Kaufland opened an online shop in Germany earlier this month and within two months sister company Lidl will follow suit. According to company sources, the discount supermarket chain will offer logistically demanding products such as fruits and vegetables via its ecommerce website for the first time.

The Schwarz-Gruppe has invested a three-digit million euros amount for strengthening its online position, Manager Magazin writes. According to this website, Lidl will start with testing its online offer locally in Berlin in December later this year.

Amazon is breathing down Lidl’s neck

So far, the discounter has had a comprehensive assortment of 2500 different products sold online, but none of them where fresh or frozen products. The majority of its ecommerce revenue, that’s estimated at 150 million euros, Lidl achieved with selling clothing and consumer electronics. But because of the soon to be expected launch of Amazon Fresh in Germany, it seems Lidl wants to sell food online as well.


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