Momox sees sales grow 25% to €250 million

Momox sees sales grow 25% to €250 million

Momox, a major recommerce player from Germany, has recorded a significant increase of its sales. Last year, the company’s annual turnover was worth 250 million euros. This is 25 percent more than in the previous year.

Momox is an online marketplace, where consumers can sell their books, films, CDs, games and clothes. The company buys the products at fixed prices and then offers them in their own online shops ( for media and for fashion) and on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Books accounted for 64% of total sales

The German buying-and-selling service generated a turnover of 250 million euros last year, with the trade in used books accounting for 64 percent of these sales. Other media (23 percent) and fashion (13 percent) complete the remaining share.

Most sales are generated through own platform

Börsenblatt says that although Amazon and eBay are importanct source of income for Momox, more sales have been generated in its own shops. The first volume in the Harry Potter series happens to be the book that was bougt the most through the Medimops platform.

Active in four European countries

Momox is active in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and France. The latter is the company’s second most important market. In France, it generates 18 percent of its annual turnover and last year, the company achieved a growth of 28 percent in this market.

France is the second most important market for Momox.



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