Mondi introduces thermo-insulated packaging

Mondi introduces thermo-insulated packaging

UK packaging company Mondi has introduced its latest ecommerce product. It’s called BCoolBox and it’s a recyclable packaging solution that keeps perishable food cool while in transit. It uses thermo-insulation to keep items chilled below 7 degrees Celsius for up to 24 hours.

Keeping the food chilled happens without using a cooling truck, so it could be very interesting for online retailers that (occasionally) sell perishable food or other items that need to be chilled while in transit.

Food stays fresh, from store to consumer

“With this product innovation, food stays fresh from the store to the consumer or a pick-up station and offers online retailers the opportunity to expand their geographical reach for deliveries”, Mondi explains.

It offers online retailers the opportunity to expand their geographical reach for deliveries.

The BCoolBox got introduced at the right time

The introduction of the BCoolBox comes at the right time, as the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the online grocery sector in Europe. During the lockdown last year, 28 percent of people in urban areas used online shopping as their main channel for buying groceries. And eight in ten Europeans who started buying their groceries online say they plan to continue doing so.

“We are proud to introduce a reliable solution that is proven to handle all the challenges that online food retailers face. After having tested various scenarios, we came up with a formula for the perfect composition. BCoolBox means cooling trucks are no longer needed to transport food and we can play our part in reducing food waste”, Sofia Backstrom, product innovation manager for ecommerce at Mondi, further explains.

The BCoolBox.

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