‘Most retailers unaware of impact of delivery options’

‘Most retailers unaware of impact of delivery options’

The majority of UK retailers are not aware of the impact and value that delivery options have. Three out of four consumers leave their shopping card because they don’t like the delivery options, while 47 percent of retailer don’t even know their cart abandonment rate or why consumers leave their online store.

In the United Kingdom, one in two consumers purchase something online at last once a week. So, it’s very understandable these online shoppers value delivery options. But many online retailers don’t have enough knowledge about how their customers think about the delivery methods offered and the reasons why these shoppers sometimes leave their ecommerce websites.

A new report by BigCommerce on delivery in the UK ecommerce industry suggests that online retailers in the United Kingdom should put more effort into connecting the dots between delivery practices and customer behavior.

‘Treat delivery as important part of your business’

“Retailers need to treat delivery as a critical piece of their business – or risk being left behind”, Mark Adams, vice president BigCommerce, comments. ” An online retailer’s delivery experience can carry as much weight as the marketing or products themselves. Spending the time and money getting to know customers’ delivery expectations might not be at the top of the priority list, but our research shows it holds the potential to deliver repeat shoppers and increased sales.”

44% of consumers avoid retailers that don’t offer free delivery

The study shows for example that for 35 percent of UK consumers, delivery is so important they have stopped shopping with an online retailer altogether because of a negative shipping experience. And 44 percent of online shoppers in the United Kingdom avoid retailers that don’t offer free delivery.

Another interesting finding is that 36 percent of consumers won’t pay extra to have their order delivered the next day, but 87 percent add items to their shopping cart so they can get receive free delivery.

More customers expect free returns

Based on BigCommerce’s report, only 12 percent of online retailers in the United Kingdom offer free delivery for returns. And 5 percent say they have plans to offer this service in the next year. But on the other hand, 37 percent of customers expects a pre-paid returns label.


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