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Multi-label parcel shop opens in Hamburg

The very first multi-label parcel shop of Germany has opened its doors in the city of Hamburg. DPD, Hermes, GLS and UPS are united in a parcel shop where customers can pick up or drop off packages from any of these logistics companies.


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The multi-label parcel shop can be visited in a shopping center in Hamburg-Bergedorf. Der Spiegel says that this parcel shop for competing courier service providers has now officially opened after a one-year pilot. The newspaper cites center manager Lutz Müller who says that Deutsche Post subsidiary DHL has also been approached, but initially it isn’t there.

Easier point of contact

The whole idea behind the multi-label parcel shop is that online shoppers have an easier point of contact. And the pilot project has showed that there’s some serious interest for these kinds of pick-up or drop-off points. During the test phase, the customer frequency increased from 230 to 1500 packages per month. And the total capacity is even much larger.

Reduce traffic and pollution

With the project, the logistics companies want to reduce the amount of times consumers need to go to certain pick up points. By bundling the major logistics companies, traffic to the city could be reduced as well as the accompanying air pollution.

The 'Ein-Treff-Punkt' in the shopping center of Bergedorf.
The ‘Ein-Treff-Punkt’ in the shopping center of Bergedorf.