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Nemlig delivers when customers aren’t at home

Online supermarket Nemlig has launched its largest geographical expansion in Denmark. This week, and in the coming weeks, will open new delivery areas in Jylland, Fyn, Sjælland and Nykøbing Falster. The supermarket also introduces a delivery method where customers no longer need to be at home.

Consumers can order at to get their groceries delivered to their front door. All refrigerated and frozen products are packed in special thermo boxes to keep items fresh. The announced expansion means that Nemlig will be able to deliver to more than 4 out of 5 households in Denmark.

Customers no longer need to be at home

Since the launch of its online store, Nemlig only offered this method, which meant that customers needed to be at home. When a customer wasn’t at home, the delivery driver tried to call at the number provided when ordering and if he or she fails to get in touch, the driver would return the goods to Nemlig. The customer then had to pay for items that aren’t dry goods with long shelf life.

New: flexible delivery

But now, Nemlig also offers flexible delivery. This means customers don’t need to be at home, although the driver must have free access to place the goods wherever the customer wants. This place must be reachable by trolley and within a reasonable distance from where the driver has parked the van. “We recommend that you choose a place where the boxes can stay dry and in the shade.”

The Danish online supermarket says it does everything to safely package the groceries. For example, dry goods and bread are delivered in solid cardboard boxed, while refrigerated and frozen products are delivered in thermo boxes, which should keep the goods fresh for 4 hours after delivery.

The goods will stay fresh outside for 4 hours after delivery.

A delivery from, delivered while the customer wasn't at home.
A delivery from, delivered while the customer wasn’t at home.