New EU rules for consumer protection are in force

New EU rules for consumer protection are in force

New European Union rules for better consumer protection came into force yesterday. The modernized rules are designed to better be in line with digital developments. The European Commission urges member states to strictly implement the rules.

The new rules are designed to offer online shoppers in Europe better protection. But as Věra Jourová, Vice-President for Values and Transparency, puts it, these rules won’t protect consumers unless they are strictly implemented on the ground. “I strongly encourage all member states to ensure that the new rules are implemented without delay.”

New Deal for Consumers

The rules are part of the so called New Deal for Consumers. This initiative, adopted by the European Commission in April 2018, wants more transparency on online marketplaces, same consumer rights for ‘free’ digital services, better ranking of offers, transparency about consumer reviews and personalized pricing, prohibition of reselling event tickets bought through bots and more honest price reduction claims.

Companies can get fine of 4% of annual turnover

“Online traders should play by the rules, not bend them”, warns Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice. “Breaking EU consumer rules on large scale may cost a company a big fine of at least 4 percent of annual turnover. This will be a sufficiently dissuasive and effective penalty to prevent dishonest traders from cheating. I welcome this new legislation, as it is setting truly European consumer protection standards.”

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