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Laws and regulations

As ecommerce become an increasingly mature business, more and more laws and regulations come in place. This is also because Europe desperately wants to have one, unified ecommerce market. The Directive on Consumer Right is one of these examples. As of 13 June 2014 it replaced certain directives and it’s focused more on protecting the online consumer than the European Union did before.

EU wants goods to be more durable and repairable

Recycling in ecommerce

The European Commission has adopted a new plan, which focuses on the design and production for a circular economy. The Commission wants to transform the way products in the EU are made. It wants them recyclable, repairable and designed to last longer. Continue reading

Germany makes destroying products more difficult

Online returns

The Cabinet of Germany has launched a draft law that is aimed to improve waste avoidance and to increase recycling. For online retailers this means the destruction of products will be more difficult, so they need to find a better way to deal with returns. Continue reading

New EU rules for consumer protection are in force

European Union

New European Union rules for better consumer protection came into force yesterday. The modernized rules are designed to better be in line with digital developments. The European Commission urges member states to strictly implement the rules. Continue reading

Italy wants 3% tax for big ecommerce companies

Ecommerce in Italy

Italy has plans to introduce a so-called web tax in 2020. The Southern European country has announced plans to introduce this tax in its new budget draft. The web tax is aimed at online giants like Amazon and Google. Continue reading

Amazon raises seller fees in France

Amazon France - Amazon in France

After France approved a new digital tax on American tech giants, Amazon reacted by passing along the costs to French Amazon sellers. The marketplace is raising seller fees by 3 percent for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in France. Continue reading

Ecommerce websites in Europe hit by GDPR

European Union

Ever since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into force 14 months ago, ecommerce websites in Europe have recorded lower page views, site visits and revenue. Continue reading

10 recommendations for better ecommerce industry in Europe

European Union

The European elections take place between 23 to 26 May, in a time where Brexit and the growth of euroscepticism are hot topics. Pan-European ecommerce association Ecommerce Europe wants a level-playing field for the Digital Single Market and gives 10 recommendations for a better ecommerce industry in Europe. Continue reading

France wants a 3% tax for large internet companies

Ecommerce in France

The French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire wants a 3 percent tax on the French revenue of large internet companies, such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Criteo. It looks like an EU-wide digital tax plan will be ditched next week. Continue reading

Europe wants to better protect sellers on marketplaces

Europe wants to better protect sellers on marketplaces

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission want rules to make it easier for businesses and traders to use online marketplaces and platforms. They have now agreed to set up seven new rules to improve the fairness of online platforms’ trading practices. Continue reading