Norwegian ecommerce hit 10 billion euro in 2014

Ecommerce in Norway is doing well for some time and with a strong fourth quarter it resulted in a 10 billion euros turnover ($10.95 billion) in 2014. Enterprise Federation of Norway expects a growth of 15% which is higher than last year, in which it grew by 10.8%. 

Norway is the number one ecommerce area in the Nordics according to Ecommerce Europe and with a strong fourth quarter, it showed another year of growth. According to a recent research report from the Enterprise Federation of Norway and TNS Gallup Norway, internet users in the country spent more than 88 billion Norwegian kroner (10 billion euros) on online purchases of services and goods in 2014, according to Emarketer 24.5% of that was spent during the fourth quarter.

Norwegian ecommerce dominated by the travel industry
A lot of that turnover is based on the travel industry, services are still dominant in the Norwegian ecommerce sales. Unlike many other European countries that show their biggest turnover during the Christmas holidays, Norways has the highest peak early in the year due to the many holiday and leisure travel tickets that are being sold online. It is showing that trend for some time now but the difference between the travel holidays early in the year and the gifts for the holidays at the end of the year, is getting smaller. While Q4 had the highest number of digital purchases being made (15.8 million), Q1 was still the best in terms of sales.

The travel industry still dominates the Norwegian ecommerce but the impact of the holiday season is surely growing. In the last quarter about 71% of the purchases were goods while 24% represented services such as travel tickets. In terms of sales the numbers are closer to each other, with 49% and 46%. About 5% of sales is unspecified.

Update 7 april: Corrected some numbers that were mistakenly shown as 2014 but were a year older.

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