Omniva drops parcels in safe location when addressee isn’t home

Omniva drops parcels in safe location when addressee isn’t home

Starting today, couriers from Estonian post and logistics company Omniva will hand over parcels using a simplified procedure. When the addressee isn’t home, couriers may now leave the parcel in a safe location or hand it over to a neighbor.

Of course, these kinds of parcel delivery will only happen upon agreement with the client. Beforehand, the addressee can tell the courier to drop the parcel on the terrace, somewhere in the garden, or in the garage. It’s also possible to have the parcel delivered to a friendly neighbor. To confirm delivery, the courier will take a photograph of the parcel at the delivery site.

Procedure even when addressee is at home

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, this procedure will also be used by the logistics company even when the addressee is at home to receive the parcel. This additional safety measure ensures that there’s no need for a signature, meaning physical contact isn’t necessary. Instead of a signature, the courier’s photograph is proof that the parcel has been handed over.

Parcels will arrive faster

“We are listening to our clients’ requests and will start issuing parcels using a simplified procedure – this way, the parcels will arrive faster and also with as little physical contact as possible”, Anneli Undrest, Terminal Manager at Omniva Tallinn, says. “We tested the simplified parcel issuing procedure as a pilot project in six cities and client feedback was positive everywhere.”

The feedback was positive everywhere.

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