Omniva expands network in Baltics

Omniva expands network in Baltics

Omniva will expand its network of parcel machines in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, also known as the Baltic states. The Estonian postal company already owns 43 percent of the parcel machines in Estonia and accounts for 57 percent for that country’s total parcel volume.

According to Kristi Unt, head of operations at Omniva, this can be seen as high network efficiency, but there’s also another side of the coin: “It’s clear that the expectations of current and new clients do not fit with the existing network”, she says. “Logistics and the current network have achieved the expected efficiency, and the focus is now on supporting the online merchants and end customers by moving even more closer to them.”

Even more parcel machines

That’s why Omniva will now expand its parcel machine network. The planned expansion is at the same level as the previous one, in 2018. Back then, Omniva installed 100 new parcel machines across Estonia, doubling its network.

The expansion concerns all of the three Baltic states, as parcel volumes have grown even more rapidly in Latvia and Lithuania. “This is important for both international business clients who handle the Baltic States as a single market and all Estonian people and companies whose activities traverse the Estonian border.”

The expansion is at the same level as the previous one in 2018.

57% of entire parcel market in Estonia

Last year, the parcel volume of Omniva comprised 57 percent of the entire parcel market in Estonia, the Estonian E-Commerce Association estimated. According to its report, the major market share of Omniva is thanks to its network of parcel machine and its presence across the Baltic states. “As well as the mediation of the parcels of several international e-giants in large volumes.”

Moving towards rural areas

Omniva will now map possible new locations for its parcel machines, in collaboration with local governments and communities. According to Unt, network optimization, expansion and movement towards rural areas has already begun.

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