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Online delicatessen Gourmondo expands in Europe

Gourmondo, a German online distributor of unusual foods, is expanding in Europe. After launching in Germany and the Netherlands, the ecommerce website is now also available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Austria. Consumers from these countries can now also buy wines and specialty foods online.

Gourmondo actually launched its ecommerce business in the UK, Ireland and Poland earlier this summer, but it just issued a press release about the European expansion. In the UK, Ireland and Austria customers can choose from over 17,000 products, just as is the case in the German and Dutch online store of Gourmondo. Managing director Pascal Zier says his company puts much effort in pre-selection, manufacturing processes and the quality of raw materials.

Next-day delivery

If a customer orders before 4 PM, he can get his order delivered the next day. Delivery happens with “robust, and if necessary refrigerated packaging”, the company ensures. That’s no unnecessary luxury if you take into account Gourmondo sells products such as champagne, fruit & vegetables, chocolate and antipasti.


About Gourmondo

The company was founded in 2002 in Germany. It has 15 employees who are based in Munich. In February 2016, Gourmondo and another efood company, ES Food, where acquired by Delticom, an online retailer of tyres and automotive accessories. In Germany, Gourmondo also operates the online store of organic supermarket chain Alnatura.