OsCommerce launches new version

OsCommerce launches new version

OsCommerce, on of the first ecommerce software tools, launched a new version. The v4-version remains free and open source, but introduces design templates, multiple sales channels and updated security. “We want to revive the once great ecommerce platform,” managing director Vadym Gurevych says.

OsCommerce was one of the first shopping carts founded in 2000 in Germany. It has been the stepping stone for many ecommerce software players, such as Magento. Currently there are 46,000 online stores using it. Last year, osCommerce was acquired by the United Kingdom-based Holbi Group.

‘Everything is different’

OsCommerce v4 has been long underway. Originally, it was supposed to launch last year. This month it finally went live. “It took a while to create the first version,” managing director Vadym Gurevych from the Holbi Group says. “We texted and fixed and tested again. Then we collected the feedback of clients, implemented it, and repeated the process many times.”

The new version is based on True Loaded.

The new version is based on the Holbi Group’s own software True Loaded, the co-CEO says, which in turn is a fork of an earlier osCommerce. Version 4 continues to be free and open source, but otherwise, ‘everything is different’.

“It completely separates design from code and introduces design templates,” says Gurevych. Additionally, it includes multiple sales channels, a visual editor, Content Management System, advanced stock and product management features as well as an open API.

‘osCommerce was neglected’

Can osCommerce regain some of its past glory? “OsCommerce was a great tool for businesses 20 years ago and helped inspire software like Magento and PrestaShop,” Gurevych says. “It was sad to see it fall behind new players.”

“It was sad to see osCommerce fall behind new players.”

According to the new managing director, the software has been neglected. “We want to revive the once great ecommerce platform and its community of shop owners and developers.”

‘Invite all shop owners to move to new version’

Although osCommerce is now ready and live, the development is ongoing, the managing director says. According to Gurevych, the App shop will open soon for native and third party apps.

The development of version 4 is ongoing.

The co-CEO says that he expects osCommerce will become a mainstream ecommerce platform again. “We invite all osCommerce shop owners to consider moving to the new safe, secure, featured and robust version of osCommerce. We also invite designers and developers to start using osCommerce v4 and submit their design templates and apps into the App store once it is launched.”



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