lightspeed ecommerce brings German products to China

The new startup wants to make way for German retailers and manufacturers in China. The president of ecommerce association Bundesverband Onlinehandel is behind this platform that wants to build a digital bridge between German dealers and the Chinese ecommerce market.

“Germany is famous for its high standard products and services, as well as for its spirit of innovation. Using the most modern infrastructure, now brings these products and services to China”, the website reads.

The idea behind this is interesting. Nowadays, thousands of Chinese online retailers sell their products directly to German consumers through platforms such as Amazon or eBay, but German shoppers also know where to find them on Chinese platforms such as Alibaba.

Connecting German retail with Chinese marketplaces

Oliver Prothmann, president of Bundesverband Onlinehandel (Bvoh) and CEO of, wants to turn the tables with his new platform. It connects brand owners and retailers from Germany directly with Chinese business-to-consumer marketplaces such as JD, Kaola, Suning, TMall and WeChat.

The online platform officially launched several months ago during the event Tag des Onlinehandels and offers two options for German retailers who want to sell their products in China. They can offer their merchandise to, who will sell them on Chinese marketplaces through their own logistics infrastructure, or they can sell by their own, while using as infastructure and service to sell in China.