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PayPal launches merchant tool PassPort in Belgium

PayPal has launched its educational website PassPort in Belgium. The site is meant to help merchants getting more global sales and expanding their profit potential. With different free tools merchants learn more about season sale peaks and holidays, buying patterns and global trends.

PayPal Passport was already live in other European countries, like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. Now the PayPal website has launched in Belgium, Bloovi writes.

Paypal has developed PassPort to help online retailers with expanding their international sales through tools and handy country, customs and holiday information. Because lots of retailers do know everything about local sales peaks and holidays, but are unaware of the global ones.

Customs and taboos in the Netherlands

The website covers information about seasonal sales peaks (like holidays and other events), cultural customs, taboos and trends, shipping and distribution logistics, currency exchange and fees, and customs procedures and taxes. Case studies and best practices are also included.

Ecommerce in Belgium
The ecommerce industry in Belgium consists of 6.7 million buyers, of which 800.000 of them use PayPal. The amount of PayPal payments Belgian merchants received from international consumers have increased by 12 percent during the first quarter of this year, a study by the American payments company shows.