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Personalisation engine Nosto opens London offices

Ecommerce company Nosto opened new offices in London at the TechHub Google Campus. The ecommerce personalisation engine from Finland already has some UK retailers using their solution and now aims to expand their business across the United Kingdom. It already has a presence in Berlin and Stockholm.


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Nosto is a Finnish startup that offers features designed to drive more sales to online stores. Its SaaS platform includes features like personalised recommendations for shoppers, triggered personalised emails and email recommendations and analytics and optimisation tools, including A/B testing.

With its plug-and-play implementation Nosta enables online retailers of alle size to benefit from its technology. Companies like Rovio (from the famous Angry Birds), Intersport and Outnorth already use Nosto’s platform-independent solution.

Nosto, that recently closed a $2.8 million seed round, is still in invite-only mode, but will publicly launch its service later this year.