Wolt expands further in Europe

Wolt expands further in Europe

While other flash delivery companies are downsizing or merging, Wolt is expanding its coverage area. With its launch in Vienna and Reykjavik, the Finnish company is now active in 25 countries, almost all of them in Europe. Wolt delivers orders for both restaurants and retailers.

Until this month, Wolt did not operate in Austria and Iceland. Recently, riders dressed in blue have taken to the streets of the capital cities of these countries. Wolt promises a good selection, both in terms of quantity and quality, fast delivery, live customer support, and weekly offers.

Expansion after a pause

Wolt is currently active in 25 countries, all of which are located wholly or partially in Europe, except for Japan. The launch in Austria and Iceland follows a period during which the company took a pause and did not expand. Notably, France and the United Kingdom are not (yet) on the list, nor are Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.


Wolt was founded in Helsinki in 2014. In late 2021, when flash delivery gained traction in Europe, the acquisition by the American company DoorDash was announced. It was approved almost a year ago. Wolt CEO Miki Kuusi said on that occasion:

“Our two companies share a strong vision for local commerce.”

Last summer, shortly after the acquisition, Wolt decided to stop delivering products from its own dark stores, a model that was briefly explored in Berlin and that had made other quick delivery companies like Getir, Gorillas, and Flink successful.

Wolt decided to fully focus on delivering orders for restaurants and retailers. Orders are delivered to customers within 35 minutes.

Wolt focuses on orders from restaurants and retailers

Wolt in Germany

Germany is Wolt’s most important market. The platform has entered partnerships there with supermarkets such as Edeka and Tegut, as well as with McDonald’s and Flink.

Flash delivery

The European market for flash delivery is constantly evolving. Turkish company Getir acquired its German competitor Gorillas and is also reportedly interested in acquiring Flink, also from Germany. Meanwhile, meal ordering platforms like Uber Eats and Just Eat Takeaway have also entered the delivery of groceries and other retail products.



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