Pet shop Zooplus opens online supermarket Zoobee

Zooplus, a major online retailer of pet supplies, has entered a new market. The German company launched Zoobee, an online supermarket that sells all kinds of foods and drinks for human beings. As it’s still a Zooplus brand, the online supermarket also sells pet supplies.


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It’s not the first time Zooplus has tried and sold fast moving consumer goods online. Last year, the company experimented in Germany with subsidiary Bitiba by selling products like diapers, coffee and orange juice alongside the regular assortment.

Online supermarket Zoobee

And now Zooplus has launched its very own online supermarket. The new online store of Zoobee sells foods like confectionery, canned meals and pasta, coffee & drinks, bio & vegan products, drugs and pet supplies. Zoobee will send online orders, through DHL, for free if customers order for more than 29 euros. With every order, customers get points they can redeem to get a discount on future orders.

Online supermarket Zoobee, a brand of online pet shop Zooplus.
Online supermarket Zoobee, a brand of online pet shop Zooplus