Pricing platform BlackCurve raises €856.000

Pricing platform BlackCurve raises €856.000

United Kingdom-based ecommerce pricing platform BlackCurve has raised 750,000 British pounds (856,127 euros) in a funding round. With the capital injection, the company wants to expand in its core online markets. It will also drive down its cost of sale.

The ecommerce pricing platform powered by BlackCurve enables customers to create rules that automatically change product prices in reaction to behavior of a competitor. It is similar to pricing systems used by online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Total raised comes to €4.22 million

The company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2017. Recently, it launched on the Shopify app store. Now, it announces that it has raised 750,000 British pounds in a funding round. This brings the total raised to 4.22 million euros (3.7 million British pounds).

‘Supporting retailers through whole journey’

“In a world where retailers are competing against Amazon and their army of data scientists, we are effectively bringing Amazon-style pricing capabilities to the small and medium-sized market. We support retailers through the whole pricing journey, from businesses that are just starting out to more experienced e-commerce brands”, says Philip Huthwaite, founder of BlackCurve.

‘The new funding helps us double down on our product-led approach.’

“Retail is still about instinct and human decisions. Our technology does the hard maths, so a human can make the ultimate assessment on price, rather than a black box. The new funding will help us expand in our core online markets and double down on our product-led approach.”



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