Producthero acquires CSS customers of Aisle 3

Producthero acquires CSS customers of Aisle 3

Google Shopping advertising specialist Producthero is now hosting Google CSS advertisers which were formerly customers of competitor Aisle 3. This enables the company to strengthen its position as Google CSS-partner in Europe.

Producthero is a Dutch company that optimizes Google Shopping advertising campaigns for online sellers and brands. It currently serves over 400 marketing agencies and 8,000 retailers. By using a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner, sellers and brands can lower their advertising costs significantly.

Takeover customer portfolio

Now, Producthero has announced that it is taking over Aisle 3’s customer portfolio. Aisle 3 will continue operating, but with a focus on developing its AI engine. “It was important for our company to find the right partner to support the advertisers and agencies that have benefited from advertising cost savings through our participation in the CSS program in recent years”, said Thomas J. Vosper, CEO Aisle 3.

‘Producthero is expanding its client base in the United Kingdom.’

“Producthero supports some of the largest retailers and brands in Europe, so they are a great partner for our customers as they operate at the top of the industry and offer a range of services that are essential to any digital advertiser’s toolbox.” As a result of the acquisition, Producthero will expand its client base in the United Kingdom. It also strengthens its position as one of the biggest CSS partners in Europe.

Introducing retailers to Shopping Ad platform

“CSS partner requirements are changing, so it is increasingly important to work with a solid partner. Especially a partner that continues to invest in their platform and services to help advertisers and agencies get the most out of the CSS program. For us, this is a great opportunity to introduce these retailers to our Shopping Ad platform, which will help them improve the performance of their Google Shopping campaigns”, said Wouter Veenboer, CEO of Producthero.



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