Purchase on account still popular in Germany

Purchase on account still popular in Germany

For almost a third of all online shoppers in Germany, purchase on account is the most popular payment method. Last year, this method gained even more sales than in the year before. PayPal ranked second among the payment methods with the highest turnover.

Last year, 32.8 percent of all online payments in Germany happened through purchase on account. This shows that, as of today, purchasing something and paying for it at a later date is still a very popular payment method in Germany.

More sales through purchase on account

The EHI study “Online Payment 2020” even shows that purchase on account gained more sales last year than it did in 2018. The popularity increased by 1.5 percent. A possible reason for this development could be that Amazon has been actively promoting this payment method to its customers.

PayPal second most popular method

The study also shows that PayPal is the second most popular payment method when it comes to the turnover generated through this method. PayPal has a share of 20.2 percent, which is slightly more than the number three on the list, direct debit. This method has a share of 18.3 percent.

Popular payment methods in Germany

1. Purchase on account 32.8 percent
2. PayPal 20.2 percent
3. Direct debit 18.3 percent

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