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Online payment methods in Europe

Online payment methods in Europe

Every country in Europe is different. So, it’s no surprise consumers of these countries have different online payment methods they prefer to use. In 2017, DPDgroup released its Barometer E-shopper report which shows the most popular online payment methods in Europe.


In Europe there are many different payment methods. Often each country has it’s own list of popular systems. Therefore merchants often work with one of the many payment providers that have a gateway to several payment solutions.

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Popular online payment methods in Europe

When it comes to paying for the goods they have ordered online, shoppers in Europe globally prefer to pay through digital wallets, such as PayPal and Alipay. Visa and Mastercard are also very popular, followed by domestic bank credit and debit cards.

preferred online payment methods europe

Digital wallets are among the most popular online payment methods in Europe.

Credit and debit cards popular in Western Europe

In Western Europe, it’s very common to pay with credit or debit cards for online purchases. But also here, there are many big differences among the countries. For example, in the Netherlands the credit card isn’t very popular, because 84 percent of the Dutch use the national payment method iDeal for online purchases. And in Germany, consumers prefer to pay by invoice and digital wallets, followed by direct bank transfers. And did you know Portugal is the only country where Visa/Mastercard doesn’t appear in the top three of most popular payment methods?

Cash-on-delivery popular in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, cash-on-delivery is still very popular. In Slovakia for example, 72 percent of online purchases is made this way! A huge advantage of this payment method is that online shoppers don’t have to give their personal data over the web and pay only when they have their goods in their hands. And in Poland, the majority of people (51 percent) use Payu, which is also popular in Turkey.

One might think that when you offer a digital wallet, Visa/Mastercard and a domestic bank credit or debit card, you can suite all shoppers in Europe. But each country has its own special needs when it comes to paying online. You should adapt your offer to each country if you don’t want to miss out on sales. These are the most popular payment methods per country, accompanied with the percentage per country.

Most popular payment method per country

Country Payment method %
Austria Invoice 43%
Belgium Visa/Mastercard 51%
Croatia Digital wallet 53%
Czech Republic Bank transfer 58%
Estonia Bank transfer 67%
France Visa/Mastercard 45%
Germany Invoice 51%
Hungary Cash-on-delivery 54%
Ireland Digital wallet 46%
Latvia Visa/Mastercard 56%
Italy Digital wallet 51%
Lithuania BankLink 66%
Netherlands iDeal 84%
Poland Bank transfer 52%
Portugal Digital wallet 62%
Romania Cash-on-delivery 69%
Slovakia Cash-on-delivery 72%
Slovenia Cash-on-delivery 53%
Spain Digital wallet 57%
Switzerland Visa/Mastercard 55%
UK Digital wallet 46%

Source: DPD E-shopper Barometer