Shipping software for ecommerce

Shipping software can save you time and money. It enables you to import, manage and ship your online orders. But which software is best for ecommerce in Europe? And are these software solutions even worth the money?

Shipping software probably isn’t something that is on top of your mind when you have just started your online store and you have only a few orders coming in. In that case, you process the orders, print a shipping label and bring your parcels to a postal agency nearby.

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Sending orders yourself cost time and money

When you get a couple more orders, you can have the parcels picked up at your place by the logistics company. This saves you a lot of trips to the postal agency. But when the orders are really coming in, it will cost you a lot of time and money to run your online store this way. And that’s when the shipping software comes in!

With many orders, it will cost you a lot of time and money to run your online store this way.

Shipping software is just one of many solutions you use

Shipping software for ecommerceShipping software is just one of the many solutions you use to automate your ecommerce business. Think about it: you have ecommerce software to run your online shop, you maybe use tools like Hootsuite to run your social media efforts and Mailchimp to send out newsletters, but you don’t use software to better label and ship your orders?

With some good shipping software on board you do not only get your orders labeled and out the door, they mostly offer additional features that further support your business. And it won’t have to cost you a fortune.

Shipping software won’t have to cost you a fortune.

Most shipping software perfectly integrate with your online shop, if it’s based on one of the popular ecommerce platforms. If your online store runs on Magento, WordPress or Shopify, you won’t get into any trouble finding a good software solution that works with your shop.

Finding shipping software

But how do you find the software you need? One option is to go through the app marketplace that goes with your ecommerce software. Browse through the tons of extensions for shipping and fulfilment that are there. Read the reviews, do some research and compare the prices and features.

You can also just ask other ecommerce websites what software they use for shipping parcels. They won’t hesitate to help you with that, because there’s no real competition lurking around the corner on this subject.

Shipping software examples

Here are some shipping software solutions you might want to try out. Personally, we know enough companies that use one of these solutions, so we just know these could be a perfect match for your company as well!


Multi-carrier shipping software from SendcloudSendcloud lets you ship worldwide by connecting you to your favorite carriers. You can use fully branded tracking emails and pages and manage your customer’s experience with complete control over the returns process. It offers integrations with all major ecommerce platforms and shipping carriers. Price range: free, €45/month, €99/month, €199/month.


Multi-carrier shipping software from ShippoShippo is an American multi-carrier shipping software that connects with many logistics companies from the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. It also integrates with major ecommerce platforms to streamline the fulfillment process. Price range: 5¢/label, $10-125/month.


Multi-carrier shipping software from MyParcelMyParcel, official partner of Dutch logistics company PostNL, is a shipment service for sending post, pallets and (letterbox) parcels. It offers various delivery options, which allows end customers to decide where and when they want to receive their order. MyParcel enables parcel delivery to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, France and the rest of the world. Prices differ from country to country.