Shopware launches ecommerce VOD service Shopware TV

Shopware launches ecommerce VOD service Shopware TV

Ecommerce software provider Shopware has today released a video-on-demand service. The free service, called Shopware TV, offers video content about all things ecommerce. Shopware TV will show both business-relevant information and entertaining videos.

There are already two elaborately produced series with up to five episodes available, and more formats will follow gradually. Shopware TV wants to be an infotainment channel for ecommerce enthusiasts.

Shopware TV wants to be an infotainment channel for ecommerce enthusiasts.

“We have always driven the growth of industries in the SME sector with our solutions and ideas. That’s exactly what this new service is all about. We want as many people as possible to benefit from it”, CEO Sebastian Hamann explains.

Shopware promoted software with own motion picture

Shopware isn’t a stranger to uncommon launches. The release of Shopware 5 for example was promoted with its own motion picture and an accompanying tour. “We always think outside the box and like to surprise our community with unusual campaigns”, Hamann says.

Shopware TV goes far beyond any software product.

But Shopware’s VOD service wants to be more than just a fun thing. “This service goes far beyond any particular software product and takes a much broader, more comprehensive approach to ecommerce”, the ecommerce software provider explains.

Shopware TV shares inspiration and insights

Shopware.TV wants to share inspiration and insights into all areas of the ecommerce software. It addresses topics such as entrepreneurship, what makes retail companies successful, how Covid-19 impacts the retail sector, and much more.

Currently, two series have been produced. The first one is the “New Kid in Town” series, focused on the founders of Shopware. “What does it take for two young brothers from an unknown village in Germany to build a multi-million, globally successful tech company”, the synopsis on the Shopware TV website reads.

“New Kid in Town” is focused on the Shopware founders.

The other series is aimed at developers. It’s called “{DEV}initely Shopware” and was brought to life by Shopware’s in-house video production team. Additional series formats are already in the works and will be gradually released.


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