Spar starts with online shop in Hungary

Spar starts with online shop in Hungary

Supermarket chain Spar wants to start an online store in Hungary this year. Currently, home delivery of online groceries is already possible in some cities in Austria and Slovenia and soon, consumers from Hungary will be able to order their groceries online.

Spar came relatively late to the game. Spar format Interspar has been delivering groceries to households in Vienna and Salzburg (both Austria) for about two years now.

Online shop of Spar is still small

Last year, the online shop of Spar registered a growth of over 50 percent, Kronen Zeitung writes. “You can’t overestimate that. It’s a strong growth, but still at a low level”, CEO Gerhard Drexel emphasized. “The online shop accounts for about 1 percent of Interspar’s total sales.”

No plans to expand to more cities in Austria

The CEO clarified that the supermarket chain currently has no plans to roll out the online delivery to other cities in Austria. The Dutch multinational group just doesn’t want to expand too fast in the online retail industry. “First, we want to get the costs better under control. The online fresh food business isn’t cost-covering at the moment.”

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