Online market trends in Slovenia

Online market trends in Slovenia

In terms of ecommerce, Slovenia is not one of the popular and well-known countries. That doesn’t mean this Eastern European country has nothing to offer. With 1,500 online retailers in a country that has slightly more than 2 million inhabitants, there’s still real potential. Time to know more about this country and its ecommerce market! Continue reading

Importance of comparison shopping in Europe

Comparison shopping engines in Europe

An increasing amount of consumers are researching products before they decide to buy them. An important information channel during this process is the internet. In Central and Eastern Europe, comparison shopping engines have gained a key role in the buying decision process during the last couple of years. Continue reading

The online shopping behavior in Slovenia and Croatia

The online shopping behavior in Slovenia and Croatia

As part of the upcoming Web Retailer of the Year conference in Slovenia, an extensive consumer-oriented research about online shopping behavior in Slovenia and neighboring country Croatia was conducted. One of the interesting finds is that more Croatian consumers shop at foreign online stores than those in Slovenia. Continue reading

Ecommerce Central Europe grew to 93.3 billion euros in 2013

The ecommerce industry in Central Europe has shown an average growth rate of nearly 23% last year. That is a better development than the average European growth of 17.5%. Together, the countries in Central Europe generated online sales worth 93.3 billion euros. Back in 2012 total sales were worth 75.9 billion euros. Continue reading

Eastern European ecommerce attracts investors

Global investors are looking with increasing interest to the ecommerce industry in Eastern Europe. The growth and trends in this region attracts the attention of international ecommerce players and investors. For example in Turkey, there’s a raised interest of investors, mostly in the clothing sectors. Continue reading

Central European ecommerce to grow to €93.3bn

With an average growth rate of 19% in 2012 the ecommerce industry in Central Europe was growing almost as hard as the European average, which is 19.9%. The region’s ecommerce market was worth 75.9 billion euros in 2012, but it’s expected to have grown to 93.3 billion euros last year, which comes down to an increase of 23% in 2013. Continue reading