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There are 173,000 ecommerce websites in France

At the end of last year, French ecommerce federation Fevad counted about 173,000 active retail websites in France. This is an increase of 10 percent compared to one year earlier, when there were 157,273 active merchant websites in France.


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The number of ecommerce websites in France is calculated from data provided by the nine payment platforms that form the PSP Panel: Be2bill by Dalenys, Ingenico Payment Services, Monetico Paiement, Monext, Paypal, PayZen, Verifone and Worldline.

As you can see below, the numbers went down somewhere between 2015 and 2016, because some providers changed their methodology and since then corrected their data, JDN explains.

37.4 million French shopped online

At the end of last month, Médiamétrie revealed that 37.4 million French consumers (85.5 percent of Internet users) shopped online during the first quarter of this year. The majority of online shoppers (54 percent) shop online at least once a month and over a quarter (28 percent) shop online at least twice a month.