Top 5 Swiss ecommerce beats shopping centers

Last year, the top 5 of online stores in Switzerland has generated more revenue than the five largest Swiss shopping centers. And all this with a fraction of the space being used and with a fraction of the staff costs.

Digital business blog Carpathia shared this interesting stat, saying it’s probably the first time ever the top 5 online stores in Switzerland generated more sales than the five largest shopping centers in the country. The top 10 of shopping centers however is still generating more revenue than the ten biggest online stores in Switzerland, but it looks like this won’t last long.

Shopping centers versus online stores in Switzerland

Biggest online stores in Switzerland

Carpathia got data from GfK which shows the biggest shopping centers in Switzerland as well as the biggest online stores in the landlocked country. The biggest online stores in Switzerland are:

Online store Revenue (in million CHF)
Digitec.ch 704
Zalando.ch 534
Amazon.de 475
Nespresso.ch 375
Brack.ch 225
Leshop.ch 182
Microspot.ch 181
Coop@home.ch 129
Nettoshop.ch 81
Exlibris.ch 75



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