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Turnover of FonQ 49 mln in 2014 due to growth in The Netherlands

Dutch online department store FonQ just declared that it had a total turnover of over 49 million euros in 2014. Most of the sales comes from the Netherlands in which it is based, but the company has online stores in Belgium, Germany and France as well.


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With goods for the garden, kitchen, lifestyle, baby, body and sports it is one of the online stores from the Netherlands with a relatively large area of products. In the Dutch ecommerce scene FonQ is known for its design products and selling many articles for in or around the house, but the company also likes to have a fair share in gift products or just random design articles as well. Are you looking for a green bin, or a coat hanger that has enough room for twenty coats? FonQ has just the thing for you.

It used to exhibit a number of brands and published those on unique keyword heavy urls as well and although it is still in the mid to high price segment of products it is now more orientated around its own brand, with just one store and url. With television commercials, a magazine and different social channels it tries to get consumers to be inspired by the products they sell.

In 2013 the company had a focus on cross border growth and said to be profitable with its expansions to Belgium, Germany and France. Back then it told Webwinkel Weblog an even further expansion to Poland or Austria was in the planning. Today they confirmed that an Austrian store willprobably launch next month, but that 2014 was less about cross border growth and more about maintaining its position on its local market.

FonQ changed its ERP system and renewed its customer service so that this is now opened 7 days a week. It also started to deliver in evenings, but the main change last year is its focus on the brand-awareness. They claim to have increased their brand awareness from 22% to 51% by television commercials and a large online marketing campaign. Patrick Kerssemakers, CEO of the company says the decision to work more on its local branding did work out for the company and that he is considering more television campaigns to continue working on the fonQ brand.