Heal’s offers online visitors access to in-store expert

Heal’s offers online visitors access to in-store expert

British design store Heal’s now offers its online customers access to an in-store expert on demand. Advisors who are working in one of six stores in the UK are now able to provide their expertise and advice to customers on, particularly during busy hours online and quieter hours in-store.

In order to be able to advice and inspire online shoppers, Heal’s has partnered with Hero, which empowers retail associates with tools to extend their expertise to online customers. Now, in-store advisors from Heal’s have become on-demand personal stylists. Customers who want to be inspired or advised, just need to tap a button to connect with an advisor in one of Heal’s stores.

Live video broadcasts

Advisors can send recommendations, send photos of the latest collection or even do live video broadcasts. “Showcasing the combination of materials used in a Tom Dixon lamp or highlighting the craftsmanship of a Heal’s sofa has traditionally been difficult to illustrate online, often creating a barrier to purchase”, the press release states.

Average order value increased by 57%

Since the partnership begun, the average order value at Heal’s has increased by 57 percent, while Online shoppers are now 14 times more likely to make a purchase at the British homeware retailer.

“Hero is helping us remain at the forefront of retail, enabling our online customers to access in real-time the knowledge and passion of our in-store experts. This not only reinforces what makes the Heal’s brand and experience special, but is also very successful”, Heal’s ecommerce director David Kohn said.


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