‘UK ecommerce websites should have “Buy British” button’

‘UK ecommerce websites should have “Buy British” button’

Online supermarket shoppers in the United Kingdom may be getting the opportunity to buy local produce more easily, as Members of Parliament are suggesting a “Buy British” button on websites of supermarkets, so foreign products can be filtered out.

The “Buy British” button is part of post-Brexit plans, the Telegraph writes. If this idea comes to fruition, the websites of grocery retailers will be updated so shoppers can click to see only UK-grown food listed. “At present it can be difficult for online shoppers to find out where their food has been grown as they are relying on small on-screen images of items”, the newspaper explains. In-store it’s easier to look out for distinctive Union Jack logos on packs.

‘Welcome boost for British farmers’

The Environment Minister, George Eustice, says he has met with senior figures at the National Farmers’ Union to discuss the “Buy British” button, an idea backed by Members of Parliament. According to them introducing this policy could provide a welcome boost for British farmers once the country leaves the European Union. Surveys from the National Farmers’ Union show that 86 percent of shoppers already want to buy more British food.

If the website button becomes a fact, it could also help the UK with overcoming future shortages of food, something that happened for example last month, when shoppers couldn’t find lettuces, courgettes and other items imported from Spain after storms hit the region and ruined crops. With the “Buy British” button consumers would be more likely to order domestic items and thus buy seasonally appropriate vegetables.


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