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UK online retailers deliver 20% faster than usual

UK online retailers deliver 20% faster than usual

Online retailers in the United Kingdom have been delivering parcels almost 20 percent faster than usual. And all this at a time when there is an increase in online orders now the coronavirus Covid-19 is dominating the ecommerce industry.

Online retailers and their carriers in the United Kingdom have sped up delivery times to keep up with the high demand during the Covid-19 lockdown. The average delivery time has been reduced from 2.1 days to 1.7 days in the last two weeks, new data from ParcelLab shows.

Reasons why parcels are delivered faster

The company says there are several reasons behind this development. The first factor is that many people are now at home so they can receive their parcel on the very first delivery try. Secondly, as many carriers don’t ask for a signature on delivery anymore (part of the coronavirus measures), this again saves time. Carriers can now drop off the parcel even when people aren’t at home. Another factor is that carriers can get from A to B much quicker as the roads are less busy now.

Electronics and IT industry benefits from changed situation

The research shows that it’s especially the electronics and IT industry that benefits from an increase in demand. This industry currently sees a 28 percent increase in online order volume over the past two weeks. Online stores selling sports equipment, DIY goods, furniture and toys are also seeing a significant growth in orders.