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UPS opens three new logistics facility centers in Europe

UPS has opened three new logistic facility centers in Europe. The facilities are located in Germany and the Netherlands. With the inauguration of these centers, about 20,000 square meter is added to UPS’s area of operations in Europe. UPS now has 596 supply chain facilities worldwide with a total area of more than 3 million square meter.


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The three new logistics facility centers are located in Krefeld, Butzbach (both Germany) and Venlo (the Netherlands). The first two facilities span across 5,000 square meter and 7,000 square meter respectively, while the one in Venlo (near the border with Germany) spans across 8,500 square meter.

“We continue to expand our contract logistics reach and capabilities in Europe to serve the growing demands of our B2B and B2C customers,” said Harld Peters, vice president of UPS Contract Logistics Europe. “These facility investments are testaments to our continued commitment to supply our customers in Europe with solutions that allow their businesses to be more competitive.”

Logistics services
In the facilities, there’s place for several logistics services, including warehousing and order fulfillment, inventory, transportation and returns management, custom packaging, store-ready displays, critical parts repaid and same-day delivery, as UPS notes.

According to it’s mainly aggressive marketing efforts by retailers during the festive season and a huge growth in ecommerce business that triggered a significantly rise in shipments. “Hence, to meet the increasing demand for logistic support, UPS is continuously expanding its operation network globally.” And that’s true, as it recently expanded its North American operations by adding four network. UPS now has almost 600 supply chain facilities worldwide with a total area of 33 million square feet.

Last week DPD Germany started operations at a new parcel sorting facility in southern Germany after a 11 million euros investment.