Wish has warehouse in the Netherlands

Wish has warehouse in the Netherlands

Wish has a second distribution center in Europe. The online marketplace has one in Amsterdam. This dc is already in use since the end of last year, but it’s only now that the ecommerce company has revealed it’s running a distribution center in the Netherlands.

The Dutch distribution center is part of Wish’ strategy to be closer to local vendors and to serve continental consumers even faster.

Other distribution center is in Estonia

The other distribution center of wish is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. That dc serves customers in 18 different countries, while the one in Amsterdam serves customers from 21 markets (of which 15 are the same as the one served by Tallinn).

Automatically access to Tallinn warehouse

According to the company’s FAQ, all Wish merchants have access to the Tallinn warehouse automatically, while applications for utilizing the Amsterdam warehouse need to be manually submitted by merchants to their account manager to process.

Wish Local in Europe

In an attempt to be more close to its customers, Wish is promoting its Wish Local program in several countries across Europe. With Wish Local, local retailers get boxes with so called ‘Pickup Now’ items and boxes for ‘Ship-to-Store’. Retailers need to scan and organize these items and stock them in their stores. When a customer orders one of these items through Wish, they can then pick up the item in the partner store.


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