Yandex launches ecommerce services Beru and Bringly

Yandex launches ecommerce services Beru and Bringly

Russian tech platform Yandex has launched two new services aimed at ecommerce. It now provides an online marketplace, called Beru, and offers Bringly: an ecommerce platform that is dedicated to enhancing cross-border shopping for consumers in Russia.

Yandex, just like Google, once started as a search engine, but soon started offering many other online services. For example, in 2002 it launched its comparison shopping platform Yandex.Market, which currently shows over 160 million products from over 21,000 websites.

“For eighteen years now, Yandex has grown this ecommerce platform and led the way in helping Russian consumers to adopt online shopping”, the company says on its blog. “Today we are excited to highlight our next steps for advancing the online shopping experience in Russia, using the experience we’ve gained from operating Yandex.Market.”

Online marketplace Beru

It has now launched online marketplace Beru, which means “I’ll take it” in Russian. The website is only available in Russian and to us it’s still unknown if there are plans to launch the online marketplace in other countries across Europe. “With Beru, shoppers can make purchases from multiple categories on one platform and rely on smooth delivery and logistics”, Yandex explains. Beru features over 1,000 retailers and 600 shopping categories, including grocery and pharmacy.

Cross-border service Bringly

Another service that’s just been launched by Yandex is Bringly, an ecommerce platform dedicated to give a boost to cross-border shopping for Russian consumers. Bringly offers Russian customers an opportunity to buy goods from several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Turkey.

“Bringly will help cater to the growing cross-border ecommerce market, improving logistics and delivery times”, Yandex states. “Bringly offers shoppers over four million products from the world’s most popular brands.”

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