Zalando also ends free delivery in Scandinavia

Zalando also ends free delivery in Scandinavia

Zalando is slowly ending its free delivery service in Europe. It started last November in Italy and now more and more markets are starting to ask for a delivery fee. Latest markets to be hit by this decision are Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Zalando asked for shipping costs for the first time back in November. In Italy, the German fashion company started asking customers to pay for shipping costs if their order value was below 25 euros.

UK shoppers pay delivery fee at Zalando

Back then, Zalando spoke of a test, but last month it became known that Zalando was also ending free delivery in the UK, Ireland and Spain. At the same time, the ecommerce giant said there were no plans to further expand this measure, but we know better now.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway

Because Reuters has shared the news that has a minimum order fee planned for the Nordic countries later this month. At the end of May, Zalando will charge delivery fees for small orders in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

‘No negative side effects on customer satisfaction’

David Schroeder, SVP Operations at Zalando, says the minimum order threshold had had no negative side effects on customer satisfaction so far.

What’s interesting is that Zalando still hasn’t charged customers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. And co-CEO Rubin Ritter says his company doesn’t plan to introduce charges in these core markets. That’s because customers there typically spend more on each order.

Zalando Plus is expanding in Europe

While Zalando is asking delivery fees in more and more countries, it’s also announced that its loyalty program Zalando Plus expands in Europe. At the moment, a pilot project runs in Switzerland, while France and Italy will follow within the next twelve months. Customers in Germany could already make use of the loyalty program.

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