Zalando wants customer to return boxes and bags

Zalando wants customer to return boxes and bags

Zalando wants to make the shipping of its packages even more sustainable. The online fashion platform is planning a pilot for reusable packaging. The customer can return the transport carrier, ie the carton box or the plastic bag, to Zalando so the German ecommerce company can use it again.

In a story on its website, Zalando says packaging must be part of the picture in the company’s vision to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Europe. This decision might be partly influenced by a study which shows that 75 percent of European consumers say the sustainability of packaging influences their purchasing decisions.

Pilot project focused on reusable packaging

Aside from Zalando converting their Beauty Bags from plastic to paper, the company is also introducing polybags (made from 60 percent recycled plastic) to protect its textiles. And now it’s also working on a pilot project to see how the ecommerce company can work with reusable packaging.

Return packaging to Zalando

“Customers would then receive textiles or cosmetic products in a transport box or bag, which can then be used many more times for shipping or returns”, Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, Melanie Hultsch, explains. “But both the question of the material and the organization behind it are not easy to answer. This is an incentive for us to make progress here. We want to start a pilot project this year.”

Pilot will run in multiple countries in Europe

The idea is to run the test in several countries in Europe and it will enable customers to return the cartons and plastic bags to Zalando, so they can be used again.

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