Zara installs parcel machine in Germany

Zara installs parcel machine in Germany

Fashion retailer Zara is testing its very first parcel machine in Germany. Customers can click and collect items at the company’s flagship store in Hamburg. The machine has place for 700 parcels, but is only accessible during the store’s opening hours.

The parcel machine is installed in the Zara store in Hamburg, just a two-minute walk from the fashion retailer’s German headquarters. It took the company two months to rebuild the store (some sales areas had to be cut), but now there’s a place on the first floor where customers can pick up the orders they have already paid for online.

No shipping costs

They need to bring a pickup code, which can be scanned by the machine and then the order will be handed out within 15 seconds, Textilwirtschaft writes. The machine can store up to 700 different parcels and can only be used when the Zara store is open. When customers choose the click & collect option, they won’t need to pay any shipping costs.

Parcel machines in Europe

The parcel machine in Hamburg isn’t the company’s first. The fashion retailer has already installed ones in other major cities across Europe, such as Paris, Madrid and London. Zara’s holding company, Inditex, is very busying with ramping up its online business. The idea is to have all brands ship to all markets by 2020, including those where there are no physical stores yet.

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