26% of Polish internet users want to spend more online

26% of Polish internet users want to spend more online

About one in four internet users in Poland who already shop online plans to increase the amount of money they spend online. On the other hand, just four percent say they are planning to reduce their online spending in the future.

Gemius released its latest report on the Polish ecommerce market, for ecommerce association E-commerce Polska. It shows that the intentions of the Polish consumers, with regards to their planned budgets for online shopping, are very similar to those noted in 2014. “A similar proportion of respondents are still planning an increase in expenditures on online shopping but, importantly, significantly fewer are planning to reduce their expenditures.”

There’s a slight difference between men and women when it comes to how much money they intend to spend on ecommerce purchases. It seems that 28 percent of the men declared an increase in expenditures, while the share of women saying this is 26 percent. The biggest groups of people planning to spend more online are those with a financially strong household (32 percent), internet users aged 35 to 49 years old (30 percent) and people with secondary education (29 percent).

Polish internet users about if they want to spend more or less online in the future.

With consumers thinking online shopping is convenient and affordable, and to offer more choice and comparison of products, the Polish ecommerce market will continue its rapid growth, says Krzysztof Majkowski, business consultant at Gemius.

The full report (in Polish) can be downloaded on the website of E-commerce Polska.

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