40% of new sellers Amazon Europe are based in China

40% of new sellers Amazon Europe are based in China

Amazon Marketplace is growing fast worldwide. In one year’s time, there are one million new sellers on the Amazon marketplaces across the globe. Many new sellers are Chinese. In Europe for example, 40 percent of new sellers are based in China.

Within less than a year, one million new sellers joined the Amazon marketplaces across the globe. That’s more than two new sellers every minute. About 10 percent of the new sellers came from Amazon Germany, followed by Amazon UK (9.7 percent), Amazon France (8.7 percent), Amazon Italy (8.3 percent) and Amazon Spain (7.9 percent). Together, the European marketplaces contributed over 45 percent of all new sellers.

What’s interesting about the data provided by Marketplace Pulse, is that it’s very clear China is dominating the statistics, as most of the new sellers are based in either China or Hong Kong. For example, only 11.6 percent of new sellers in are based in the UK. The rest is from other European countries and the US, but the majority comes from China.

China share of new Amazon Marketplace sellers

“The breakdown by country looks almost identical for the other European marketplaces – each with the home country following China and then the rest of the European countries almost ordered by the economy size”, the website comments.

Amazon in Europe

Sellers who join one of the European Amazon marketplaces, also often join the other marketplaces on this continent. Amazon also seems to treat these five marketplaces as one single marketplace, by providing cross-border services like the European Fulfillment Network (EFN) and the pan-European Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).


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