About You ends cooperation with Mädchenflohmarkt

About You ends cooperation with Mädchenflohmarkt

German fashion platform About You has removed all products of secondhand platform Mädchenflohmarkt from its ‘Second Love’ category. The move follows strong accusations made against the secondhand platform. The cooperation started three years ago.

The German secondhand fashion platform Mädchenflohmarkt has been under scrutiny for a couple of months. It is accused of withholding proceeds from sales by sellers for months, or not pay them at all. Users have written negative reviews on Trustpilot, the Baden-Württemberg Consumer Center warns against selling on the platform and criminal proceedings are underway.

Mädchenfloharkt would withhold proceeds from sellers, or not pay them at all.

According to a spokesperson from About You, the fashion platform became aware of the facts at the end of last week. Since then, it has started internal processes to remove the items from Mädchenflohmarkt from its own secondhand category, called ‘Second Love’. The product offer is now offline.

Collaboration started in 2020

About You had been working with the secondhand platform since the end of 2020. In May, the company released its results of the past fiscal year, which ran until February this year. The fiscal year ended with an operating loss of 137 million euros.

About You wants to reach operational break-even this year.

The company wants to reverse this in the current fiscal year. According to founder Tarek Müller, it should be able to achieve operational break-even. Of course, receiving negative publicity about a cooperation with Mädchenflohmarkt would not be desirable.



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