Actinic renews its ecommerce platform

Actinic renews its ecommerce platform

UK-based ecommerce software provider Actinic has today launched a new version of its ecommerce platform. The cloud-based solution has put even more effort in a mobile-optimized solution, so its 10,000 customers can generate more sales from mobile users.

Smartphone and tablets accounted for over half of online retail sales in the United Kingdom during the last quarter of 2015, so it’s clear online retailers should offer a mobile-optimized ecommerce website. Actinic says 75 percent of its clients already have a mobile ecommerce website, but it wants to help clients even further with mcommerce sales.

That’s why it renewed its ecommerce platform, so retailers can create mobile and tablet compatible online stores. The platform offers 32 new features, so retailers can offer their mobile customers the same shopping experience without compromising content richness of functionality. Also, existing personalization features now have more customization options.

Improved product and customer management

Actinic also introduced the Quantity box, which allows the online retailer to update the product data sheets with all relevant information for more efficient product management. The customer data management has also been improved. “This gives retailers the ability to enable or disable the creation of customer accounts and add custom fields. They can also create access rights to the product catalogue and can better manage settings associated with increased customer retention”, the company explains.

The ecommerce solutions provider now also gives customers the possibility to choose the date and time of delivery, a feature that’s increasingly being appreciated by consumers in Europe. Actinic also expanded its payment options with the addition of MangoPay, which expanded its service to the UK in 2015.

About Actinic

Actinic was founded in the United Kingdom in 1996. It agreed to a strategic partnership with the French company Oxatis in 2011, while the desktop software of Actinic was rebranded to SellerDeck. Oxatis was established in France in 2011 and claims to be the European leader in SaaS ecommerce solutions. The company is also present in Spain (under the Xopie brand) and Italy (under the Mytho brand).

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