AliExpress to shorten delivery times in Europe by 30%

AliExpress to shorten delivery times in Europe by 30%

AliExpress will shorten its delivery times in some parts of Europe by 30 percent. This is the result of a new air route AliExpress has announced. The commercial route between China and Spain will start this month.

The popular Chinese marketplace AliExpress is not only known for its cheap prices, but also for the long delivery times. With the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, these delivery times have only increased.

Launch of new air route

In an attempt to alleviate this situation and to improve the quality of its service in Spain, AliExpress has announced the launch of a new air route. This should make deliveries to Spain and neighboring countries up to 30 percent faster.

Deliveries to Spain should be up to 30% faster.

The commercial route between China and Spain was enabled by Cainiao Network (the logistics operator of the Alibaba Group) in association with the Volga-Dnepr Group. On July 14, the first flight went from Hong Kong to Madrid, carrying parcels from AliExpress sellers.

Delivery timeframe to be kept within 10 days

The flights will be operated via Liege in Belgium, which is another popular ecommerce destination within the VDG network. “The parcels will be quickly distributed all over Europe after arriving in Liege and Madrid, ensuring the delivery timeframes of the whole process from China to Europe are kept within 10 days”, the press release explained.

Starting in August, there will be three flights per week on the Hong Kong-Madrid route.

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