Allegro has launched in Slovakia

Allegro has launched in Slovakia

Polish online marketplace Allegro has launched in Slovakia, with a dedicated website. The expansion follows the company’s expansion into the Czech Republic last year. The marketplace has already announced plans of future launches in other European countries.

Allegro is a popular online marketplace that was founded in 1999, in Poland. Last year, it generated a revenue of almost 1.8 billion euros (8 billion Polish zloty) in Poland alone. This was an increase of 19.7 percent compared to 2022. According to the company, almost 150 thousand merchants are currently selling on the Polish marketplace.

1.6 million active buyers in Czech Republic

The company expanded internationally for the first time last year, with the launch of a dedicated marketplace in the Czech Republic. In the last quarter of the year, it achieved 1.6 million active buyers. Now, Allegro has used that momentum with a launch in Slovakia.

‘Almost half of the Slovak population is already familiar with Allegro.’

According to the platform’s own market research, almost half of the Slovak population is already familiar with the Allegro brand. Because of that, the company expects to quickly achieve a similar amount of active buyers like in the Czech Republic.

International strategy

The launch is part of Allegro’s international strategy. It wants to become a dominant player in Europe, with a current focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The move into Slovakia gives the company the opportunity to test its operations and logistics there, in preparation for entry into other markets. It has already announced plans of launching in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia soon.



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