‘Amazon and eBay lose UK shoppers to Shein and Temu’

‘Amazon and eBay lose UK shoppers to Shein and Temu’

Amazon and eBay are facing a declining number of mobile app users in the United Kingdom. According to market research agency GWS, Amazon has seen a million daily mobile shoppers disappear since the beginning of this year, eBay even almost two million. Meanwhile, Shein and Temu are storming the download lists.

According to GWS Research, which surveyed 5,200 Britons, Amazon attracted 9.3 million daily shoppers to its mobile app in January this year. In six months, that number has fallen to 8.3 million. At eBay, the number of daily app users fell from just under six million to 4.2 million. Shoppers seem to have found refuge in Shein and Temu, Chinese-made shopping apps.

Amazon and eBay together lost millions of app-users

3.5 million users per day after one month

Fast-fashion seller Shein saw the number of users double in recent months from one to two million. Meanwhile, Temu managed to attract 3.5 million users per day one month after the British introduction.
Moreover, the newcomer manages to fascinate users the longest, according to the figures from GWS: on average, shoppers spend no less than 18 minutes per day in the app.

Users spend 18 minutes per day in Temu’s app

Recommerce platform Vinted occupies the second place in this ranking, with 14 minutes of attention. On Amazon, eBay and Shein, shoppers spend an average of 8 minutes per day in the app.

Shein and Temu in Europe

Shein has been targeting Europe since last summer. In May this year, the Chinese company opened its European headquarters in Dublin. In that same month Temu, owned by PDD Holdings from China, also opened an office in the Irish capital. Temu only became active in Europe for the first time this spring.



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